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Old Mutual’s Urban Adventure

The brave folk at Old Mutual defied Cape Town’s first stormy Winter’s Day and joined us to discover parts of historical Cape Town they didn’t know even existed. After applying the day’s War Paint, the teams performed their menacing War Cries before setting off to discover the Mother City.  Howling gales and driving rain couldn’t[…]

Autopax explore The Waterfront

The group from Autopax took a well deserved break from their conference and joined us for our Waterfront Discovery Amazing Race. The weather gods played along and the skies cleared just as the team arrived.  After a brief warm-up, each team performed their intimidating war cries before heading off to discover that the V &[…]

Toyota Presidents conquer dragons in the Waterfront

Some of the winners of the Toyota President’s Awards joined us for a quick Dragon Boat race in the V & A Waterfront on Sunday morning. The miserable weather didn’t deter the intrepid sailors as they headed to the Waterfront Canals.  After a brief warm-up, they boarded the brightly coloured boats.  Final instructions were given[…]

SAB discover the Waterfront

    The team from SAB descended on the V & A Waterfront ready to challenge each other on the Waterfront Discovery Adventure.  After the warm up, War Cries were composed and performed and some competitors were intimidated.  With quivering knees the teams set off to discover the Waterfront. The First Stop, saw a couple[…]

RGA get crazy in Century City

    The adventurous folk at RGA spent Friday afternoon exploring the waterways, bird sanctuary and spectacular shops of Canal Walk as there winter team building event. The Intaka Island Amazing Race started off with the Purple Panthers, Fabulous Freaks and other teams throwing down the gauntlet with intimidating war cries. The Race began with[…]

Venues In Africa scale the Tree Tops

The team from Venues in Africa joined us for a morning of gliding through Hermanus’ Forests. The Tree Top Adventure Tour lets you glide from Platform to Platform high above the ground, with only your Sense of Adventure determining the speed at which you zip through the air. A great adventure.  Check out the photos[…]

Metropolitan’s Employees Benefit at Century City

The usually tranquil Intaka Island and surrounds were turned on their head when the The Usual Suspects, The Mad Hatters and The Cereal Killers from Metropolitan descended for an afternoon of terrific teambuilding. After each team presented their “knee-trembling” War Cries to their opponents,  they set off to explore Century City.  First stop was Intaka[…]

Atlantis Dunes are taken over!!!

The excited crew donned their Winter Woolies and headed to the Atlantis Dunes for a morning of Adventure.  Jeeps and Quad Bikes awaited those keen for a bit of 4 x 4ing, while those who wanted to scale the Dunes under their own steam had Sandboards waiting for them! To warm up, the team decided[…]

Cornastone find Franschhoek on Foot

The team from Cornastone rose bright and early to make their way from Cape Town to beautiful Franschhoek. On meeting the Adventure Works! Team, they were put through their paces in the warm up for the day ahead.  Toes were touched, Human Knots where untied and Trust Circles were formed before the Teams set off[…]

Multichoice master the Desert

Friday morning began with a cloudburst, but the spirits of the team from Multichoice couldn’t be dampened by the grey skies, so the weather gods gave up and provided a perfect morning to explore The Atlantis Dunes in jeeps, on quad bikes and racing down the dunes on sandboards. The delegates enjoyed their 4 x[…]

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