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Pick n Pay, Waterfront Discovery

One thing I can certainly say about the Pick n Pay group, is that they enjoyed every second of their team build and yes, they were spilling over with “vibe,” energy and amazing team spirit. Where challenges required extended communication and encouragement, each Pick n Pay team member was providing it… with a smile and[…]

Woolworths, Franschhoek teambuild

“The Difference” is what the Woolworths team experienced a midst the clouds and rain in Franschhoek on Tuesday. From bending, flexing  and lifting to Cheese, Wine & chocolates- it definitely was a great combination of food, fun and team building with multi-coloured ponchos and great team spirit.

Polyoak Packaging, Spier Winelands Rally

A team of 150 people is surely bound to create some good laughs and entertainment, and yes… it sure did! From cartwheels, Paper boat racing to Owl encounters and Wine Tasting- The Polyoak team were full of smiles, fierce competition and great enthusiasm as they completed each task with what South Africans would call great[…]

Langa Cultural Experience

Langa Cultural Experience involves a variety of activities and events that is based around the theme of culture and heritage in South Africa. This event involves the community in Langa and supports local trades and individuals, promoting small businesses, skills and local craftsmen. Music, Sport, Arts, Crafts and traditional customs are all expressed  throughout this[…]

MMI Holdings, Winelands Rally

One can clearly see that the MMI Holdings group, although small, had mountains of fun- tastings, exploring and encountering the magical Winelands both on foot and whizzing by in vehicles. What more could you ask for doing a teambuild and sipping wine, tasting cheese and chocolates… adding to that, bonding as a team!

Transnet Minute to Win It!

You have a Minute to Win it! And the Transnet team surely put that into practice as they aimed and fired various objects into bowls, bins and containers. A fast paced game and definitely many minutes worth of action- not to be missed!

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