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Adventure Works guide summits Mount Kenya

“So…J and I got to the top top 🙂 We’re feeling very humbled after surviving the decent and bivying at 5000m without any bivy gear, no water and -25 degrees. Mt. Kenya is a magnificent peak and I’d just like to thank J and everyone who has been giving their support to K2K. Can’t believe[…]

Virgin Active- Waterfront Amazing Race

They say: “Live happily ever Active” and sure enough the Virgin Active group was shown true action in this trip, this time it wasn’t in the gym, but instead it was out on the field. Tasks such as stretch-a-thons, Ice breakers and cosmic lifts were just a few of the warm up activities to prepare[…]

Transnet- Intaka Island Survivor & Orienteering

Surrounded by an Urban Jungle, the Transnet team enjoyed a lunch and team build at the Clubhouse in Century City. Each group were set out to “trek” around the beautiful island, exploring its bio-diversity and capturing the sights and sounds that it had to offer- lets not forget that a challenge or two were added[…]

Metropolitan- Waterfront Discovery

In the cold, wet, Cape Town weather… the Metropolitan group braved the rain, put their ponchos on and headed out into the Waterfront to discover the true marvels and history of one of the best tourist hotspots in the world. From meeting the Nobel Prize winners statues to pumping up camping mattresses- its definitely a day filled with[…]

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