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Best Team Building Ideas and Plans

Best Team Building Ideas and Plans


Team goals are achieved when all members of the team perform and do the tasks that they are asked to do. When the team leader fails to provide proper instructions, the team members can rebel and disobey the team leader. Hence, it is very important for a team leader to understand the team and the team dynamics before allocating work to the team members.

For every team leader it is important to understand if there is low trust in the team. There are some very evident signs that will give an indication of low trust. These signs are sluggish engagement, collaboration that does not gel, and being at work feel painful. There are some very good ways in which you can transform low trust to high trust in a team. On the team building days, you will have to first assess trust. Then in the second step, you will have to catalyze the understanding. In the third step, you will have to address the trust. In the fourth step, you will have to practice. Finally, in the fifth step, you will have to anchor change.

Before you begin your team building activities, you will have to observe the behaviour of the team members very carefully. You will have to take an honest look at how the team member is behaving and contributing to trust in the team. You can take a reliable 360 degrees team survey to assess the entire team’s level of trust. As a recommendation, you should not isolate responses of the team members. You will have to engage team members in a courageous understanding of behaviour that build and erode trust. Then, you will have to get everyone on the same page with the same understanding in a fun and non-threatening manner.

You will have to openly discuss the team’s 360 assessment results and compare the survey results with behaviours that build trust. Once this is done, you will have to solicit additional feedback about specific behaviours that would rebuild trust. Through consensus you will have to select two or three behaviours for the team to work on. Only with discipline, high-trust behaviors become team norms. When you are in a one-to-one conversation with your team member, you will have to talk honestly about needs, uncertainty, and obvious vulnerability. Then it is time to reward trustworthy behaviour.

In the final step, you will have to ensure that clarity of roles, goals and responsibility is practiced uniformly and consistently. At the organizational level, the head of the department generally takes the responsibility of integrating team desired behaviours into coaching plan and performance reviews. There are many good companies offering training programs for organizations who are in need of team building activities.


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