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School and Creche Revamps

There is a growing recognition that it is not enough to create an awesome incentive programme without including an element that will give something back to the less fortunate communities of South Africa, this is why we created School and Creche revamps.

Adventure Works are engaging with local communities in creating sustainable social responsibility projects which enable delegates to experience the warmth and vibrant culture in the townships and surrounds as well as interacting with the local personalities.

There are a few children’s creches in and around Cape Town that are in need of support, some painting, goods, supplies and time spend with the children.

After a thorough process of due-diligence, what has made the world of difference in the past is to provide a physical & aesthetic difference to the chosen Day-care or school- that leaves a lasting impression as well as making an impact on the children by spending time with them and getting involved in their daily activities.

Lunch can be provided and is recommended, especially for the children. Hotdogs and a treat always works well for both the clients and the children, as it’s great to be able to make and share the lunch on the day by getting everyone involved.

A Creche Revamp day usually follows this itinerary:

Adventure Works facilitators can meet the group at a central point and take them to the Day Care.

The Principal or Main daycare facilitator will give the group background information on the Facility and the children.

Group can be split into two teams (for space/size purposes) and allocated a task that is needed.

Activities at a Creche Revamp include but are not limited to:

  • Repainting the perimeter and inside walls of the crèche, and painting stencils to make the crèche more child friends
  • Planting a drought –resistant food garden into the crèche, as well as planting trees for shade and flowers to make the crèche pretty.
  • Building/ repainting and maintenance on a jungle gym, and creating a playground with grass and a sand pit suitable and safe children
  • Creating furniture and creative elements for the crèche through a process of up cycling.
  • Creating a library and learning areas within the crèche that are suitable to the age group of the children
  • Donating suitable supplies the nursery and creating storage solutions.

Interaction activities for the children will be put out to provide an opportunity to spend time with the children. These activities will include but are not limited to:

  • Soccer interaction area
  • Painting and Colouring
  • Building Puzzles, Lego
  • A reading corner

If lunch is included, lunch will be prepared and a time will be allocated to eat with the children.

Groups will then have an opportunity to provide a donation of goodies they have collected or that the crèche has asked for.

There will be a “Thank you” ceremony will the children will perform for the group and the Principle will say his/ her Thank you’s, and a time will be allocated for final comments from the group

Group departs

Minimum Pax:   15

Maximum Pax:  Limited to the size of the venue

Includes:              All equipment for revamp, overalls, working gloves, Planning & Facilitation, Feedback Model for after the project to make sure it is sustainable, VAT.

Excludes:                             Transport, Meals & Drinks, Extra item donation

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