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UWC – Intaka Island Amazing Race

It has been a while since we’ve run an Intaka Island Amazing race, and what better group to have done it with than the University of the Western Cape. Full of energy and spark, each team got stuck into the challenges and showed great team spirit and enthusiasm. From blind paddling to Dangling doughnut eating- team building[…]

Why Use Us

Adventure Works has been in operation for twelve years and has a proven track record for running professional, safe and fun activities for corporate groups of all sizes. The following are just a few of the many reasons why we should be your first choice for adventure: Accreditation- We are bonded members of SATSA (Southern[…]

Franco Ceccato- Intaka Island & Century City Amazing Race

  Click here for all the Pictures… Fists pumping and hands in the air- ready for action! The Franco Ceccato group put on their running shoes (and some their fancy shoes) ready for some team building mania! From answering question on the protected wetland of Intaka Island to entering Queue shoes and finding the most[…]

Vodacom 2- Crazy Olympics at Century City Clubhouse

  Click here for all the Pictures… Part two of the Crazy Olympics team build continued, as the Vodacom team put on their beautiful full-body lycras and displayed their acrobatics for all to admire. Judging by these photos it truly was a day to remember. Everyone got in on the action, completing activities ranging from[…]

T-Systems Geo Caching at Century City

“Adapting to Change” was the theme for T- Systems conference at Crystal Towers in Century City. The Brief was to provide team building activities that highlighted the different stages of change and the associated issues that need to be conquered. After some initial energizer activities the competed in a blind paddling exercise which illustrated the[…]

RGA get crazy in Century City

    The adventurous folk at RGA spent Friday afternoon exploring the waterways, bird sanctuary and spectacular shops of Canal Walk as there winter team building event. The Intaka Island Amazing Race started off with the Purple Panthers, Fabulous Freaks and other teams throwing down the gauntlet with intimidating war cries. The Race began with[…]

Metropolitan’s Employees Benefit at Century City

The usually tranquil Intaka Island and surrounds were turned on their head when the The Usual Suspects, The Mad Hatters and The Cereal Killers from Metropolitan descended for an afternoon of terrific teambuilding. After each team presented their “knee-trembling” War Cries to their opponents,  they set off to explore Century City.  First stop was Intaka[…]

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