CApe Town Lockdown

With this majestic aerial showcase of The Mother-city, our worries can finally be put to rest… she is well and she is resting…

When President Ramaphosa announced a National 21-day Lockdown no one really knew what to expect. People started panic buying toilet paper and non-perishables like the apocalypse was approaching, little did they know a steady diet of Netflix, excessive Facebook activity and constant snacking was about to hit South Africa.

So far the hardest hit seems to be the smokers, and people who enjoy the occasional drink, the age-old bartering system has emerged once again. A bottle of brandy and pack of smokes can go for anything from 300k cash or a brand New 3l Toyota Hilux, still a bargain in the eyes of many South Africans.

Couples and Single People are both green with envy at each other’s situations.
Singles just want some human contact…

Couples have realised how much “going to work” might be adding to the health of their relationships…

One thing many people [except parents] might not have noticed is that toys are not considered an essential product – Try explaining that to a toddler on their birthday(My thoughts go out to parents keeping kids indoors for 21 days).

Humans are social beings who need daily interaction with others to stay sane although we don’t always like to admit this fact. But we can overcome this basic need with unrestrained video calls, House Party hangouts, Tiger King Memes on Facebook and the technology that allows us to stay connected.

We started out very strong and people stayed home but our FOMO has started setting in, we want to see our people and where they are, we want to see our city, we want to know what is happening… what are we missing?

The answer is simple, everything is fine the city is still there and she’s resting, stay home until we are healthy!
Almost there, stay home, keep fighting COVID-19.
Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika

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