Start your Lockdown Lift Bucket List right now!

Lockdown Lift Bucket List

Lockdown in South Africa has taught us a lot about ourselves, our colleagues, and most of all our families. But the common thread all over the internet is that everyone wants to GET OUT, and DO STUFF!

It’s not just about getting out… the main thing is every single person’s wanderlust has been reawakened, and people are starting to realise the amazing things that that they’ve been missing out on.
This makes the time at home perfect to just dive into the digital world as you find inspiration and escapism through others’ documented experiences. But don’t just leave it there, don’t just live through other people’s experiences…

Start your own list RIGHT NOW! #LockdownLiftBucketList

Start with everything around you, everything right at your fingertips that has just been out of reach during Lockdown… and then let the sky be the limit. We’ll help you out with some Cape Town inspiration as we look back at some awesome weekend ideas around Cape Town for the whole family!

Share your ideas and you could stand a chance to be treated to your very own Whatsup Weekend Family Adventure after Lockdown! Remember to tag us and include the hashtags #LockdownLiftBucketList and #WhatsupWeekend!
Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more, we’ve got an endless range of awesome activities all around Cape Town!

Now let’s go on an Adventure!

#1 Sandboarding in Hout Bay #LockdownliftBucketlist

When you hear Hout Bay, sandboarding doesn’t come to mind, but the locals have known about this little gem for years. You’ll have to do some research to find it but well give you a little hint… Sandy Bay Parking, (You’re welcome)
The beautiful sandy valley is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and gives you a feeling of seclusion and solitude, but, just twenty minutes away you’ll be in the centre of the Cape Town hustle and bustle.
This is the perfect setting to chill, have a picnic, and take in some much-deserved fresh air after staying indoors for so long…☀️

Check out the video, and come for a fast-paced slide down a dune(You can’t do it this weekend, but add it to the list)! Beautiful landscapes surround us as we show how you can make your own board!🏜

🤫As a bonus well let you in on one of our secret weapons to keep your board rip-roaring down the hills!

Share some of your stories and ideas on social media , tag us and you could win a Whatsup Weekend Family Trip of your own.😎

#2 Harbour Paddle in Hout Bay #LockdownliftBucketlist

We’re still hanging out in Hout Bay Harbour!!🛶

Many people don’t know that this harbour is home to a small group of seals and offers them sanctuary from the rough ocean state and easy food source from the local fishing vessels. Some locals also care for older and injured seals who live in a makeshift unofficial sanctuary in the harbour. ⠀You’ll see these guys lazing about all over, as they’re quite used to humans… but they’re still wild animals… and YES, they Bite!
The harbour is rich with animal life as dolphins, whales, sunfish, and an array of other sea life have been spotted in the nutritious green waters surrounding the Bay.
Being on the water offers a new perspective on this beautiful bay, a feeling of transcendence, as you are swallowed by the majesty of Chapmans Peak Drive and the collection of mountain ranges that surround this beautiful fishing village.🤩
Come to our little slice of heaven and enjoy a Hout Bay Harbour Adventure!
Start planning your lockdown bucket list now!🙌
Follow us for some cool ideas around Cape Town, you never even knew existed!
Share some of your stories and ideas on social media , tag us and you could win a Whatsup Weekend Family Trip of your own.😎

#3 Desert Storm Isolation Team Bonding #LockdownliftBucketlist

Let’s go on a #Teambonding Adventure in the Desert!

After Lockdown a lot is said to change and people are talking about the “New Normal”. But even with social distancing and face-masks, this won’t stop us from wanting and needing to bond with our colleagues?!

Overnight the world was forced to adapt to self-isolation and working from home. It made everyone regret wishing for weekends to never end… because it feels like we left work and got stuck in an early-morning, late-night work from home nightmare!!! (If your feeling overwhelmed with Working from Home, Check out Our Work From Home Tips)

We’re preparing for the “New Normal” at Adventure Works and know that all the companies we’ve worked with have reached a resounding accord, they want to help employees who feel disconnected feel part of a bigger team, they need help in realising they have the backing of a giant virtual office block that lives in a digital realm of Zoom meetings and Team messages. They need to understand that work from home Memes and “stretchy-pant suits”, aren’t the only things they have in common with the rest of the “work-from-home-nation”.

Where better to realigns thinking and vision than in the middle of nowhere… Getting isolated with your Work-friends just having fun away from all this #RonaMadness!

Expect good vibes, laughs and excitement at our “Desert Oasis” as you get a chance to take part in all kinds of activities, like, exploring the dunes on Jeeps and Quad bikes, Sand-boarding and Desert Golf to name but a few… 😁

Check out the video! 😎

See You and your Colleagues after Lockdown for a Desert Storm [Isolation] team-bonding experience! Adventure Works Awesome, Made Easy!

Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you’re looking forward to most after Lockdown Ends. Stand a chance to win the experience of a lifetime!🏆

Stay Tuned for more Lockdown Bucket list ideas next week…✊

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