Things To Do During Lockdown

Do you remember that time you wished a weekend would never end… or said, “I wish I could just stay at home for a few days”?

Well, they always say be careful what you wish for… You got 21 Days at home!!

We’re halfway, and it’s starting to get monotonous and boring, you’ve seen everything on Netflix, social media is much of the same, you just need something to help you hold on to that last little piece of sanity that you have left.

Never fear, we’ve got you! We put together some fun things to keep you from losing your mind at home.

Wim Hof Website Screen

This powerful breathing technique is what Wim Hof has credited his amazing superhuman accomplishments to, like running marathons barefoot and shirtless above the Arctic Circle or relaxing in ice baths for over 90 minutes.

Give it a try and develop that superhuman at home. This will help you relax and slow things down a bit when you need some calm and clarity. Click Here for some more Lockdown advice from Wim Hof #AskWim

Ted Talks Logo

This is an amazing TedTalk about Happinessโ€ฆ and who doesn’t need a bit of happiness right now. This video makes you really think and evaluate happiness, it makes you appreciate how happy you actually are right now with all the problems you think you have. Stop learning to be unhappy, just ACCEPT THE UNIVERSE exactly the way it is!

Housepart App Screen

Houseparty is a Fun Social Face to Face App available for both Apple and Android users. It allows up to 8 people to join a party at a time and has some fun games to play with your friends when you just want to hang out. Have a drink with the boys over a game of heads-up, or catch up with the girl-gang while playing a game of Pictionary, this app will provide you with hours of awesome hang time with your friends for family.

Wild earth Safaris

You’ve pretty much watched the whole internet by now but not quite yet, sit back and relax on your couch as you go on a real-time safari with the guys from Wild Earth. They host daily game drives in the morning between 05:30-08:30am and in the afternoon 15:30-18-30pm from Djuma Private Game reserve in Sabi Sands. Expect some amazing sunrises and sunsets and amazing animal interactions. These guys know where the wild ones roam!

Enjoy these activities during Lockdown, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more fresh news and ideas.

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