Are you ready to join us for an Amazing Race around the World?

Virtual Race Tips and Registration

You'll be travelling with Google Street view to beautiful remote locations that you've dreamed about visiting!

Once you're there, you will need to answer questions, take creative photos and find out interesting nuggets of information in order to find your next destination.

Follow the below challenges to get you travel ready!  

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Happy travelling!


“A great journey, starts with the first small step!”

Let’s get excited!!

In order to get ready for your journey, we need you to practice travelling on Google maps using street view...

Challenge 1


Type in your home address.


  • Make sure you're using Google Chrome as your web browser.  If not please click and install it.
  • Drag the little yellow man in the bottom right corner onto the street in front of your house.
  • Place him on the blue line or dots that appear.
  • Does it look the same as it is now?
  • Move up and down the street and check out your neighbours houses.
  • Do you notice anything interesting?
Virtual Globetrotter map training

Challenge 2 


Type in the address of somewhere special to you. 

  • A place you have been on holiday, the place you grew up or created a great memory!
  • Explore around the area by moving your little yellow man, scrolling or dragging your mouse from side to side.
Screenshot of an Amazing Place

Challenge 3 


Visit somewhere in the world that you have always wanted to go but have not got there yet. 


  • Let your imagination run wild!
  • Try placing your man on the different blue dot icons that appear when you move him, and see how the images differ at each icon.
  • Go ahead and visit some other places you've always wanted to visit?
Excited Virtual Tourist

Last step

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