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Virtual Team Building has become one of the most important investments companies since 2020. The process of creating a team that works together as a cohesive unit towards a common goal, even when working remotely has become one of the biggest challenges businesses face in the "New-Normal".

With over 21 Years in Team Building, Team Bonding and Corporate Events, Adventure Works is here to reconnect, revive and help your team thrive!

Virtual Teams Explained

virtual team is a group of people who work together with a common purpose but are not located in the same place. It may be a team of employees who work in different offices, buildings or people who work from their homes.

As worldwide lockdowns have forced companies to adapt to high numbers of work-from-home workforces, businesses rely on technological advances such as video conferencing, email, and other forms of communication to get work done and stay connected.

Working virtually may also be referred to as working remotely, telecommuting, or in some situations, working from home.

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Virtual Team Building benefits
Virtual Team Building benefits (1)

Boost Employee Morale

Constantly pushing teams to get things done and meet deadlines can lead to boredom and burnout. Therefore, the ideal team leader should encourage group cohesion by doing virtual team building activities such as group discussions, video meetings, brainstorming, informal meetings, and more. These group bonding practices strengthen the team with positive reinforcement and make them feel valued.

It helps to develop mutual respect among employees, raise employee morale and eliminate internal conflicts.

Promote Workforce Colaboration

Projects cannot be successful without a team effort, as most tasks are interrelated and require coordination of resources. In a particular workspace, it becomes easier to collaborate as a team. But when employees work virtual, it becomes difficult to organize the team according to the progress of the project. There are many risks of differences in communication.

Therefore, it is beneficial to do virtual team building exercises. It helps employees stay in touch with colleagues and encourages them to work together. It also makes resources aware of individuals' strengths and weaknesses and allows them to coordinate and complete tasks according to their skills, saving them additional time and effort.

Virtual Team Building benefits (2)
Virtual Team Building benefits (3)

Supports Innovation Management

Innovation is the key to achieving a business advantage in a competitive industry. Virtual team building is a way to bring all employees together under one roof, fostering creativity, reflection and driving innovation. When there are multiple perspectives, any idea can lead to disruptive innovation for a business.

An innovation management strategy that will stimulate team collaboration and allow everyone to interact, share, and receive constructive feedback. When employees see a problem or challenge through an innovative lens, they become more involved in achieving long-term business goals.

Increased Employee Productivity

When teams get grouped into silos, chances are they don't have a clear direction to work, leading to reduced productivity. But virtual team building activities allow team leaders to clearly explain the organization's goals.

When employees have goals, it motivates them to work hard to achieve them. This will help improve resource pool performance metrics without any form of employee burnout.

Virtual Team Building benefits (4)
Virtual Team Building benefits (5)

Encourage Team and Individual Versatility

Many organizations today require a versatile workforce to respond quickly and efficiently to ever-changing environment. Thus, organizing team building activities improves resource skills and expertise in many areas. It is also a safe area for employees to try new tasks and make mistakes without fear of the consequences, technology and other people.

Reinforce a Positive Work Culture

Using intuitive, due diligence tools, organizations can ensure that remote teams have a clear and complete overview of all work in progress. This will hold all team members accountable for producing quality work.

Regular office meetings, work-related discussions all have a significant influence on employees, thereby reinforcing positive workplace cultures.

Virtual team building games, lunch or recess, book/music clubs, game nights, virtual happy hours, birthday parties can stimulate a positive work culture in an organization.  This in turn leads to lower employee turnover and a more productive workforce.

Virtual Team Building benefits (6)
Virtual Team Building benefits (7)

Build & Nurture Diverse Relationships

The best work cultures harness the resources of different time zones, embrace diversity (cultural/gender/racial differences) and celebrate it. Thus, virtual team building activities help organizations build meaningful relationships and connections between geographically distributed groups and develop intergenerational relationships. It shows virtual teams new ways to work across borders through systems, processes, technology, and people.
The benefits of team building activities are substantial.

Virtual Team Building FAQ

We can host from 6 – 200 guests in a single event using Zoom! Contact us for larger group options or if you'd like to make use of your own video communication platform like MS Teams. At the end of the events up to 500 guests can join the award ceremony.

All your guests will join us via the same video link. We start the call with an introduction, then use the break rooms to break into smaller groups of about 3, 18 participants. 

We believe it's better to be able to talk, collaborate and build relationships in a small group of 3-18 people, than to try and get a word in on a call with 100 participants.

Teams compete to find places, clues, and challenges creating a friendly competitive atmosphere and a platform for collaboration. 

All groups will be scored on the same leaderboard with results announced at the end of the event.

Players just need a basic Laptop/Desktop computer with the Zoom application installed and a stable internet connection. Players can still join via the phone app or web browser, but this does limit some functionality of the event.

We encourage themed dress-ups and customised backgrounds for competing teams to make it even more fun.

*We encourage teams to disconnect any unused devices from their network while playing to ensure they do not have bandwidth issues.

Some of our events options require some basic training that will be provided to participants via e-mail in order to get the most out of their experience.

Most importantly ensure that laptops are charged, headphones work, and zoom has been tested by each individual.

The beauty of Virtual events is that the event is not constrained by times or distance.  We've successfully facilitated events for groups of over 200 people from 8 different countries at once.  Get in touch then we can help you get around all these logistics, we've got it polished.

Our Virtual Team Building activities can be tailored for your specific requirements but generally takes 45 mins to 1,5 hours. 

The short answer is YES, we can create a fully customised event showcasing information from your specific industry or do training through gamification. 

*Make Training and onboarding fun with gamification.

**Please take note that custom events would need to be discussed in advance and enough time and information provided to enable Adventure Works to put together the high quality products our clients have come to love and expect.

Virtual Team Building Products

Virtual Amazing Race Around The World

Ignite the feeling of wanderlust as you reconnect with your team!

Our virtual Amazing Race around the World is a competitive and interactive way of getting teams to share the experience of exploring amazing locations around the world.

They will search for clues, take creative photos and share travel stories as they go.
The incredible imagery of google street view takes us on a visual journey as teams compete to find out interesting facts, solve riddles and imitate art that they find along the way.

Have you seen the Eiffel tower at night? Do you know how Stonehenge was formed? Does the monument of love change colour?

Our most popular virtual event allows the team to feel the curiosity and freedom of travel while getting to know each other through shared travel stories and photographs.

Team Building Tip

Go Beyond sight and sound!  Why not bring along your favourite breakfast cereal to that Monday Zoom meeting and tell everyone why you love it, or theming the meeting so everyone wears pyjamas, have some fun with remote work and meetings!


60 - 90 Mins

5-500+ people

Team Building Tip

For the best Team Building outcome get your team to dress up and strategize as part of the buildup to your event.  When teams feel that they are part of the planning and get to prepare themselves mentally you'll have much better buy in from everyone.

Cape Town Amazing Race Online

Unite as a team as you race to find the hidden gems of our beautiful city!

Cape Town is Spectacular! But how well do you really know the incredible places that make up this famous destination?

Have you sat in the beautiful St Georges Cathedral? Do you know the legend behind the name of Devils Peak? What about visiting the stadium during the festive Rugby Sevens tournament?

Join us as we race around some of the most awesome sights of the Peninsula? Learn amazing stories that make up the history of the Cape and get to know your colleagues while competing in fun creative challenges. Explore Virtually and then plan to visit in person!!

5-500+ people

60 - 90 Mins


Save The Boss - Escape Room

Can your team solve the puzzle and find the code to break out your boss?

Your CEO has been abducted and it's up to your team to save them!

The Escape Room requires the team to look at objects around the room and interact with them in the search for patterns and cryptic messages that will open a series of clues that will ultimately release your boss!

Team members will have to think laterally and bounce ideas off each other’s perceptions to reveal the clues.

The pressure is on as they race against the clock as well as the other teams!
Problem-solving, effective communication, and creative thinking will reward the winning team!

Team Building Tip

The best Team Building activities get people to interact ... Online Team Building allows you to give your employees a break they so desperately need, so make it completely different to your everyday meeting format!  It's supposed to be fun not formal!


60 - 90 Mins

5-500+ people

Team Building Tip

Communicate with more than words, why not make use of Emoji's and fun face filters to create better engagement.  The more participants can engage in a comfortable and meaningful way, the bigger the takeaway will be.

Hunt for the Cure - Escape Room

Does your team have what it takes to save the world?

It's up to you and your team to serve as the last resistance as the virus takes over the world.

You will be dispatched to a secret remote island lab where your team will have to use problem-solving skills to try to recreate a cure and save humanity...

Search for cryptic codes, solve riddles and unlock clues with the items you find around you as you strive to find the vaccine!

Great for creating a feeling of suspense and team interaction as you navigate through each step of the challenge!

5-500+ people

60 - 90 Mins


Get Connected - Choose Your Energy

Useful tools to take control of your emotions while connecting with your colleagues!

In times of uncertainty and stress, we can either be a passenger on the emotional rollercoaster or choose to control our energy.
We are, after all, responsible for how we show up each day!

By bringing awareness to the levels of consciousness, we show the pathway of emotional choice out of Victimhood towards daily fulfillment.

We then crank things up as we move into more fun, Zoom relevant, physical activities of facial expression, body language, and being mindful of where we keep our stress.

While a laughter session may sound a little crazy, it is often just the craziness we need to unleash that inner happiness. It is amazing just how contagious laughing is, and how good it feels to laugh with your colleagues.

But the really powerful tool is the 11 min guided breath-hold challenge. We take you through breathing techniques and mental distraction techniques that make this active (not passive) meditation technique so powerful.

We guarantee that this will empower you to feel calmer, think more creatively, make better decisions and even sleep better at night.

Team Building Tip

When planning your virtual Team Building event make sure you nourish the human desire to belong.  Create an environment that allows equal participation by breaking your larger teams into smaller groups so that they can really engage and get the most out of the event!


60 - 90 Mins

5-500+ people

Team Building Tip

The more your employees trust one another, the stronger and more productive your team will be. Make sure that you reinforce trust and create a culture of trust and support to keep employees happy and increase that bottom line. It’s that simple.

Defuse the Bomb!

High tech thinking challenge! Better for smaller teams who are up for a real challenge!

The clock is ticking until BOOM time!

Can your team decipher the codes, solve the riddles and work out which wire to cut before time runs out?

Effective strategy will keep you safe; Mad panic will blast you to bits!

Will you work as a team or a group of stressed individuals?

Join us for this Explosive Virtual team building activity for team fun under pressure!

5-500+ people

60 - 90 Mins


Virtual Bingo meets Slot machine

Action packed, interactive session. None of that boring bingo!

Fast paced, highly strategic and super exciting!

The aim is to fill up your board as much as possible with each column in ascending order.  You get extra points for completing certain rows all odd or even numbers or by following ascending order from left to right. Every 15 seconds a number appears and you need to choose where to place it!

You can play individually on your cell phone but score as a team. This brings group strategy, communication and a competitive team vibe into the programme.

We'll update scores live throughout the game to keep the suspense tight and the race exciting!

Get your Game On!

Team Building Tip

Sometimes the best thing that you can do for your team is take them out of their comfort zone and help them realize how much they can achieve if they just work together.  Throw them into the deep end and watch them work together and thrive!


60 - 90 Mins

5-500+ people

Team Building Tip

Cameras ON during the Team Building Event!  People engage better when they are able to look one another in the eyes, even when it's over a screen.  No one likes chatting to someone's initials on a screen.

Virtual Murder Mystery

Channel your inner Sherlock to find the killer!

We've all played detective while watching television, wishing we could just be there, thinking... "I'd be able to see through all the fakes to identify the killer, it's so obvious?!"

Time to put your money where your mouth is!  We'll go virtual and put you right in the middle of the action!

Was it the Butler with the candlestick in the Library?

You will be given a character prior to the event and will dress up to suit the part. You and your team will follow the clues provided to work through a number of scenarios and try to work out who the culprit was!

This event is great over a virtual dinner. Posh accents and evil laughs are welcome!

Get your Sleuth on!

5-500+ people

60 - 90 Mins


Race to Zero - Sustainability Race

There is no Planet B!

Do you need a fun and interactive way to educate your staff on climate change and sustainable practices? The Race to Zero Climate Change Challenge highlights key issues the world is currently facing while illustrating the amazing initiatives undertaken by governments and cities around the world to reduce their carbon emissions.

This competitive team event will educate and motivate your team while encouraging them to commit to a more sustainable lifestyle. The Race to Zero Climate Change Challenge is fully customisable to include your company goals and initiatives, to help your team understand the impact of climate change, and motivate continued buy-in and support long after the event ends.

Together we can beat Climate Change and leave a healthy planet for future generations.

Are you ready for the Race-to-Zero?!

Team Building Tip

In order to foster an environment of respectful communication and successful teamwork, people need to feel comfortable to express their thoughts, opinions and insights with the rest of the team.  No WRONG answers here!


60 - 90 Mins

5-500+ people

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Team Building Client Reviews
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